Natural Weight Loss & Management

A compelling body of evidence indicates that much of the epidemic of weight gain is driven by an overload of toxins in the body.  If your body is unable to rid itself of toxins, then it will carefully place those unhelpful substances in fat cells to protect our other organs.  Because the body is using the fat cells as protective mechanisms, the body will not let go of them that easily. 


To lose weight, you need to detoxify and have a strong digestive system through which you can eliminate the toxins. 

Dr. Logan concentrates on strengthening the organs responsible for detoxification:  the digestive tract, lymphatic system, skin, kidneys and liver.  She will guide you through a special detox organ tonification protocol.  This will leave you feeling better than ever and open your body to letting go of weight it may have been holding onto for too long.


Diet is closely considered.  Dr. Logan will guide you in making healthy, appropriate food choices at every meal.  She also offers all natural meal replacements that can help better control the ratio of calories you put in to your body to the calories you burn.  These also help support your detoxification organs with plenty of nutrition.  Specific supplements that help balance blood sugar, keep you full longer, and manage appetite will be recommended.  Dr. Logan will also guide you in lifestyle habits such as sleep and exercise, which are critical to all facets of the body's ability to maintain a healthy weight.


Dr. Logan will monitor your adrenal and thyroid glands to ensure optimal function.  When these are not working well, the body receives the wrong signals to manage the nutrition it receives and no matter how reasonable your diet, it will be difficult to lose excess weight.


With natural medicine, the true aim is to get you feeling great.  Time and again, Dr. Logan has seen how real health creates beautiful, strong bodies that her patients feel good in and are happy to be seen in!