Natural Cold & Flu Treatment
Immune System Support

Dr. Logan nurtures your immune health with many layers of support.  As a naturopathic physician, she concentrates on addressing the underlying cause of immune weakness while also offering relief for current symptoms and providing medicine to hit viruses and bacteria hard.


Refortifying the Immune System


Your immune system, when functioning well, is actually quite a formidable defense system.  It fights off thousands of foreign bacteria and viruses each and every day.  The immune system is integrated with every system in the body, including the skin.  When well supported by proper nutrition and lifestyle (through sleep, exercise and stress management), nothing gets past the intelligence of the immune system. 


With improper diet and lifestyle, the immune defenses weaken and bacteria and viruses slip through, interrupting the seamless function of other systems in the body, such as the respiratory and digestive systems.  While it is, of course, important to expel these invaders from the system, it is also important to address what let them through.


In evaluating challenges to the immune system, Dr. Logan begins by assessing your diet.  Think of food as medicine.  You put it in your mouth three to six times per day and each time it affects your immune system - favorably, or not.  For example, eating sugar decreases the function of the immune system for four hours after ingestion; if you eat sugar throughout the day, your immune system is suppressed all day long.


The adrenals also have an important role in the immune system and help regulate inflammation.  Dr. Alexandria may evaluate their function if you suffer from chronic infection.


Dr. Logan will use supplements to help rebuild the immune and other systems weakened by infection.  Vitamin C is one of her favorite vitamins because it helps in a myriad of ways.  Vitamin D, which most Americans are deficient in, helps regulate the immune system.  Both of these also can be used to provide relief from the symptoms of cold and flu.


Symptom Relief


For further symptom relief, Dr. Logan may use homeopathic liquids that clear mucus, herbs that help with headaches, minerals that help aches and pains, and vitamins that flush out the digestive system.  Dr. Logan will also recommend hydrotherapy techniques to stimulate the immune system and calm down symptoms of cold and flu.


Dr. Logan also offers super-nutrient injections that dramatically decrease the duration of upper respiratory symptoms.  Nutritional immune-boosting IV's will support the immune system to fight off infection - acute or chronic.


Many bacterial infections, such as ear infections, sinusitis, and bronchitis, can be cured naturally if treated comprehensively.  When necessary, Dr. Logan will prescribe antibiotics, but always with follow-up care to restore the digestive system, and ultimately the immune system, after antibiotic use.  This helps avoid the merry-go-round of chronic reinfection.


Flu Prevention


Naturopathic medicine also has treatments for the flu.  Dr. Logan uses a specialized homeopathic remedy for flu prevention.  This remedy comes out each October in a form that is customized for the virus strain predicted to predominate for that flu season.