Natural Treatment of Digestive Problems

The nutrients we absorb and the toxins we eliminate affect all of our other organs.  Absorption and elimination are the primary functions of our digestive system.  It is important to have a strong digestive process and sound lining of the intestinal wall to effectively absorb and eliminate.  The naturopathic model of health has proved the most effective in rebuilding and sustaining a robust digestive process and healthy digestive tract.


For patients with a diagnosed digestive disease, such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's disease, Dr. Logan will treat these from a holistic point of view by addressing:



It is important to keep in mind the central truth that our digestive system nourishes our entire body.  With any prolonged digestive disturbance, all of the other systems of the body progressively weaken because the digestive system is not processing nutrients adequately to sustain them at optimal function. For this reason, Dr. Logan also concentrates on rebuilding the health of the entire body when treating any digestive illness.


This holistic method is essential for patients who have difficulty recovering from an incident of food poisoning and who cannot get their digestive system back on track.  There are parasites that can wreak havoc on our bodies.  Dr. Logan performs comprehensive stool analysis and sends the tests to a world-renowned parasitologist who personally looks under the microscope to determine what is going on.  This is a much more detailed approach than basic stool analysis that goes to a general lab where a computerized microscope will be used.  Having accurate results means effective treatment from the start.


Dr. Logan encourages her healthy patients to reestablish the cell wall lining of the intestines once or twice a year to prevent a host of health problems.  The lining of our intestines is made up of living cell tissue that becomes degraded by exposure to toxins in our food and water.  Processed foods in particular weaken this membrane.  Over time, holes may develop in the lining that leak toxins, bacteria and undigested food into our gut.  This triggers our immune system to attack in the wrong way and leads to inflammation and a host of symptoms.  A well-established intestinal lining prevents this.  Dr. Logan prescribes a specific protocol of supplements to rebuild and maintain the cell wall lining.


For patients with candida overgrowth, restoring healthy bacterial balance to the intestines is necessary to eradicate the symptoms of candida.  Dr. Logan offers effective protocols to reverse this imbalance.