Adrenal Testing & Support

Because of our busy, stress-filled modern lifestyle, a growing segment of the population suffers from adrenal exhaustion.  The adrenal glands, two small glands which sit above the kidneys, produce hormones necessary to critical functions in the body such as energy production and the immune/inflammatory response.  They regulate metabolism and help the body respond to stress.


Adrenal failure can present in a variety of symptoms: 


When a patient presents with any of these symptoms, Dr. Alexandria will include adrenal testing through the Adrenal Stress Index, a simple saliva test by DiagnosTechs.  


If the adrenals are found to be weak, an individualized program will be set up that may include an adrenal glandular compound and support with vitamins, herbs, and minerals.  If needed compounded hydrocortisone may be prescribed.  Diet and lifestyle recommendations will also be important factors in recovery.  In certain cases, Myers cocktails (vitamin and mineral IV) may be prescribed to stabilize the system and provide an improved quality of life while the adrenals are given time to repair.

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